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Pre-Law Resource Center

Considering law school? Improve your chances! Pre-Law Resource Center at WSU.

Prepare for a Successful Career in Law

Whatever your major, the Pre-Law Resource Center can put you on track for success in law school and beyond!

The Pre-Law Resource Center benefits WSU students through:


  • Personalized guidance and support for WSU students to succeed in law school admissions.
  • Access to official LSAT prep materials and community of like-minded students
  • Access to regional law school materials and in depth admission requirements
  • Invite to annual Cougar Pre-Law Day featuring keynote speakers, WSU alumni who are practicing legal professionals and representatives from regional schools .
  • A guided semester-long program that brings students from discernment to law school application submission, instruction, skill application and demonstration that ready the student for Law School, internships, gap year employment and ultimately success in the legal field.

If interested in registering as a Pre-Law student make your appointment with success today!

Students registered as Pre-Law, will have access to a catalogue of resources, live events, workshops,  interactive conversations with career & legal professionals, and more.

The Pre-Law Resource Center, PLRC , is a community of 350 plus students across 20 different majors and all 5 campuses. Not only will declaring yourself as Pre-Law allow you access to a wide range of events and resources but it will connect you with a tight knit community pursuing the same interest.

Pre-Law Resource Center is everywhere WSU students are!

The Pre-Law Resource Center (PLRC) has moved fully online. Capitalizing on tools of innovation, Zoom peer and vocational-advisor meetings all regular programing continues to be scheduled.

Following the greater Washington State University format and guidelines, students at all 5 campuses will enjoy access to all programming.

If you are interested in being a campus captain, please email to indicate your interest.