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Pre-Law Resource Center

Considering law school? Improve your chances! Pre-Law Resource Center at WSU.

Prepare for a Successful Career in Law

The Pre-Law Resource Center (PLRC) welcomes all WSU students from any major interested in learning more about law school admissions, law school itself, and the legal professions. Using evidence-based outreach to produce quality programing, mentorship opportunities and a fully curated digital catalogue of resources, the PLRC seeks to make law school an option for everyone.

The Pre-Law Resource Center benefits WSU students through:

  • Personalized advising for WSU students to prepare for successful law school admissions.
  • Access to official LSAT prep materials
  • Involvement with community of like-minded students
  • Invite to annual Cougar Pre-Law Day featuring keynote speakers, WSU alumni who are practicing legal professionals and representatives from regional schools .
  • A guided instructional program preparing students for a successful law career and life success.

These goals go beyond simply preparing students to apply to Law School in pursuit of their JD but encourages students to consider a cost-benefits analysis of Law School, alternative methods for success in their chosen field and consideration of broader applications of a legal education.

If interested in registering as a Pre-Law student make your appointment with success today!

Students registered as Pre-Law, will have access to a catalogue of resources, live events, workshops,  interactive conversations with career & legal professionals, and more.

The Pre-Law Resource Center, PLRC , is a community of 350 plus students across 20 different majors and all 5 campuses. Not only will declaring yourself as Pre-Law allow you access to a wide range of events and resources but it will connect you with a tight knit community pursuing similar interest.

Pre-Law Resource Center is everywhere WSU students are!

The Pre-Law Resource Center (PLRC) has moved fully online. Capitalizing on tools from the Office of Innovation, Zoom, the curation of a digital library through Blackboard and contining peer and advisor mentoring. PLRC, never missed day in supporting pre-law students.

Following the greater Washington State University format and guidelines, beyond any abnormal operating procedures, it is the dedication of the Pre-Law Resource Center to continue to utilize these tools to continue its reach of students on all 5 campuses.

If you are interested in being a campus captain for the 2021-2022 school year, please email to indicate your interest.