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Pre-Law Resource Center

Guidance and Mentoring

The Cougar Advantage

At WSU, students can choose a program of study that allows them to develop and strengthen the skills needed to succeed not only in law school, but as a legal professional.

Pre-law is not a degree. Students enter law school from virtually every academic discipline. No specific major or set of courses is required for law school admission.

The PLRC helps students navigate through and prepare for the law school application and admission process by providing the personalized support each individual student needs to become an exceptional law school candidate.

Dr. Salamone mentors students
Dr. Salamone mentors students


PLRC mentors help students make the most of their undergraduate education and provide guidance to successfully gain admission to law school.

Students are encouraged to seek assistance early in their academic careers to develop an academic plan for a successful future.

Your academic advisor will assist you with course planning and scheduling, but the PLRC can assist students with other aspects of establishing a competitive application for law school through peer connections and unique opportunities.



We are committed to connecting WSU pre-law students with our network of successful alumni who are active legal professionals as well as regional law school admissions representatives.

The PLRC provides networking opportunities for WSU students with alumni and other mentors based on common interests, backgrounds, and experiences.

While some mentors may only be available for a one-time conversation or meeting, other mentors are available to regularly stay in touch with their student mentees.


For more information or to set up an appointment, please email us at