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Pre-Law Resource Center

About the Pre-Law Resource Center

The Pre-Law Resource Center (PLRC) is a professional development center and resource library located in Bryan Hall that provides students who are interested in the legal profession and law school the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Different from most pre-professional tracks on campus, students interested in a law degree can pursue a wide range of undergraduate majors prior to law school matriculation. Reaching out to students directly and by working with other advisors and units on campus, the PLRC provides advising and mentorship for every student interested in going to law school or pursuing a career in the legal profession.

If you are interested in being included in the Pre-Law Resource Center Canvas page, please identify as being pre-law with your academic advisor.

WSU Pre-Law students have access to a catalogue of resources, live events, workshops, interactive conversations with career and legal professionals as well as many other opportunities to prepare students for their legal future.

With a community of 350-plus students ranging across 20 different majors, registering as a pre-law student, and joining the community, allows you to have access to the resources you need to create a successful legal future. Contact with any questions.


Guided Semester Program

PLRC programs are designed to ready students for law school, internships, gap year employment, first employment post-graduation, and success in the legal profession.

Engagement in the PLRC’s semester program is self-guided and not dependent on previous participation in another event, though it is recommended.

The PRLC program provide content through guest lectures, workshops, individual and personal participation in conversations with legal professionals, volunteer projects, internship connections and direct access to law schools. All PLRC programs and resources are made available to WSU students on all campuses (including WSU Global Campus) through various formats.

Are you a Legal Professional??

The PLRC partners with other campus resources, legal professionals, and civic institutions to help students find opportunities to conduct undergraduate research, law-related internships, and community volunteer opportunities.

For more information on current projects or interest in a collaboration please contact the PLRC at