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Pre-Law Resource Center

Welcome Incoming Freshman

If you are interested in a career in Law and would like to be signed up to receive special invites, mentorship and access to the Pre-Law Resource Digital Library regardless if you are freshman or not please fill out the form below.

Preparing for a career in law is largely self-directed but the Pre-Law Resource Center is here to help and provide you with resources on your journey.

If you request to speak to someone regarding your Pre-Law education, soon after please be sure to check your email. If you do not gain access to the materials or hear from anyone please email

Thank you!

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  • Student Name that most matches your University transcripts

Adding your name as a student interested in the law field will not add any classes or requirements to your WSU education. However, we do use the technology tools available such as a “course” on Canvas and an “advisor” designation in your my.wsu account.